RDF Rights (RDFR) is adding new capabilities to its post-production set-up so that it can send programme content to broadcasters digitally rather than on tape.

Root6’s Content Agent is being added for file conversion, Tektronix’s Cerify will be installed for quality control and Aspera will be used for high-speed file transfer.

An Avid Unity server with Interplay, also being supplied by Root6, will form the backbone of the digital workflow, with all media being ingested for long-term storage as a digital file.

RDFR chief operating officer Jane Millichip said: “We are already delivering around 20% of master materials digitally on an ad-hoc basis, so we know there is a demand from broadcasters.

“Despite the capital outlay, we will be able to pass on both cost savings and the considerable environmental benefits to our broadcast clients.”

Files will be delivered to broadcasters either via their own Aspera server or via a link that enables them to download files from RDFR’s server.

RDFR is also upgrading its digital online screening service, which is available to buyers via the RDFR website, to offer downloadable and portable screening files in addition to the current streaming option.