Provide picture, audio post and VFX on the returning comedy

Post The Farm Group


Client Baby Cow Productions

Brief Provide picture and audio post on the comedy.

How it was done Referencing various sci-fi elements, Perry Gibbs graded the series using Digital Vision’s Film Master, adding shapes and tracks to brighten faces and darken sets and increase contrast and depth.

Tom Corbett mixed the audio using Pro Tools 12 and Avid’s S6 Console. The big sound challenge was to acoustically balance scenes shot in front of a live audience with pre-recorded ones.

Harmonisers and vocoders were used on all the characters to give each voice and scene a different feel.

Barney Jordan, using Avid DS, completed both the 2D visual effects and the online.

Emilie Thomson completed the sound design.

The post producer was Chelsea Chandler.

Axis VFX completed 3D CGI.

AxisVFX visual effects supervisor Howard Jones oversaw the filming and creation of 325 shots across series XI and XII of Red Dwarf.

As well as compositing the classic model shots of Starbug and Red Dwarf, axisVFX created a range of visual effects for the series including blowing up a space station, generating lunar landscapes, meteor storms and a nearly entire CG set.

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