Digital Anarchy, the US-based developer of plug-ins for After Effects, FCP and Flame, has sold its video and 2D animation product line to Red Giant Software.

Effective from this week (Monday 4 August) the company will transfer sales and support of 12 plug-in products: 3D Assistants, Data Animator, Anarchy Toolbox, Geomancy, Psunami Water, Text Anarchy, ToonIt!, Microcosm, Color Theory, PlasmaFX, Chaos Stock and Knoll Spark Pack.

Red Giant Software, which also develops professional plug-in tools for digital video production, has already re-branded and re-issued some Digital Anarchy products, and pulled others off the market temporarily for future re-release.

It has also revealed that PlasmaFX, Color Theory and Microcosm Codec will now be available free of charge.

The sale will allow Digital Anarchy to focus on Photoshop plug-ins for photographers and digital artists.

Jim Tierney, president of Digital Anarchy, said, “We have been a leader in the After Effects and related markets since 2001, but have decided to focus on the Photoshop and digital photography markets. We're excited about some of the opportunities there and are looking closer at current customer needs.”

Both Digital Anarchy and Red Giant Software are based in San Francisco.

3D Assistants - including Spheriod Creator and Cylinder Creator - was used by artists working on GMTV for the title sequence to its Entertainment Today strand (pictured).