Red has filed a lawsuit against Sony which claims that the Japanese manufacturer’s F65, F5 and F55 cameras have infringed patents awarded to Red.

The complaint relates to Red’s compression technology Redcode Raw, with Red chief executive Jim Jannard promising to “tenaciously protect” patents awarded to the company.

Jannard told users of Red’s online forum: “We saw 4K as the future standard in 2005. [Since then] we have endured comments that ‘Red was a scam’, ‘1080p was good enough’ and ‘what does a sunglasses guy know about cameras?

“We don’t mind others joining the 4K revolution but we don’t accept others just borrowing our technology, intentionally or unintentionally.”

Jannard described building a camera in the US as “a magic trick”.

“This cannot be done if others are allowed to just take what we have done and use our work as their own”.

Sony unveiled its F65 camera at NAB in 2011. The F5 and F55 were launched towards the end of last year.

Sony declined to comment.