Red Digital Cinema is releasing its first Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing third parties to write applications that will work directly with R3D files created in the Red digital camera.

The SDK will provide developers and companies with information on how to load the files into their software products, making it possible for them to build tools, plug-ins and programs to create an R3D workflow.

Typically, an SDK includes a visual screen builder, an editor, a compiler, a linker, and other facilities, although full details of the Red SDK have not been made public.

Programmers can sign up for phase one of the R3D SDK now for free, by registering their details at

Red founder Jim Jannard said: “It will get more comprehensive and updated as time goes on (just like our firmware). This release is just the tip of the iceberg, but it gets people in the game.”

Red has also announced that RED R3D files - the raw data from the picture file - will open natively in CS3 Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects on both Mac and Windows