Red Vision is investing£1m in a workflow set-up and a new render farm that will see visual effects projects worked on for 22 hours a day.

In a bid to maintain high production values on a low budget, it is working with Toronto-based VFX company C4 Studios and Perth-based effects specialist Vue.

An effects project will start its day in Australia. Once Vue in Perth has finished its work, it will send its metadata down a “technical pipeline” to Manchester, which will do the same for Toronto at the end of its own working day.

Red Vision managing director Dave Mousley said: “These locations benefit from tax and labour cost advantages. The rebates in Australia mean 40% of whatever is spent by the firm is ploughed back into it. It makes working there extremely cost effective.”

The companies will each be allocated an element of a VFX job. One might work on asset building, the next on rigging and the third on texturing and rendering. A production methodology will mean designers can't overwrite work.

Red Vision is considering installing video conferencing equipment to further aid communication between firms.

The arrangement with C4 started in October. Vue and Red Vision began collaborating eight weeks ago. Red Vision, which already benefits from a 300-node render farm in Manchester, is looking to increase capacity to 500 nodes soon and to establish a render farm in London. According to Mousley, it will look to match C4's in Perth at 3,000 nodes in the future.

Mousley added: “These moves reflect the huge boom in demand for CGI, particularly from higher-end factual work and kids TV.”

Red Vision is working on an animated series called CGI UK (pictured) for ITV Granada. The show has been likened in its approach to Spitting Image.