Refine has become one of the first facilities in the UK that can create 3D Blu-ray discs after buying 3DAccess software from Sonic Solutions.

The purchase sees the London content processing and repurposing firm become part of the Sonic Solutions’ 3DAccess programme, giving it the right to use early versions of 3D plug-ins for Sonic’s disc authoring software.

At the same time, the company has added 3D workstations for video encoding and authoring, and 3D monitors with ‘active shutter’ glasses. Screening rooms within the facility have also been kitted out with Panasonic 3D
Blu-ray players and 3D screens.

Chief executive Symon Roue said: “Currently, the only place you can watch full-resolution 1080p 3D HD is in a 3D cinema screening room or 3D edit suite. With this investment, we can enable 3D content producers to achieve portability.”

Sonic’s 3DAccess programme also provides training in 3D Blu-Ray design.