Avid resellers and users are becoming increasingly worried by the manufacturer's attempts to sell products direct to its customers, writes John Oates
Rumours suggest the company wants to take as many as 70 per cent of its biggest clients 'in-house' and dealers are waiting anxiously to hear the outcome of any decision.One Avid reseller said: 'This is not good for us and it's not good for customers. We knew it was in the pipeline but we're waiting for the bomb to drop.'Other dealers question Avid's ability to properly support customers.Another dealer told Broadcast: 'I don't believe Avid will be able to support so many customers spread throughout the UK - as the dealerships shrink some customers will fall through the cracks.'Jon Harris of Root6 said: 'Avid wants to have contact with its big users but it can't offer the support - we have more than twice as many support staff on our own. The reality is that customers need resellers to integrate the products - and Avid needs them too.'An Avid spokesperson said that it is 'always the company's aim to meet all our customers' requirements'.