Riedel is launching a multiviewer for its signal transport and processing network MediorNet.

Extending the capabilities of hardware through the use of software apps has been an ongoing theme at Riedel, starting with the company’s app-driven SmartPanel, introduced two years ago.

MediorNet MultiViewer is described as a virtual multiviewer app based on the MediorNet MicroN high-density media distribution hardware.

“A fundamental benefit of a decentralized signal network is the ability to put signal inputs and outputs where they are needed rather than at a large, monolithic router that requires additional cabling,” explained Dr. Lars Höhmann, Product Manager at Riedel Communications.

“These benefits apply to the MediorNet MultiViewer as well, since the MultiViewer hardware can be placed anywhere while leveraging the network for sources.”

Each MediorNet MultiViewer engine can access any MediorNet input signal and process up to 18 signals.

These signals can be placed onto four physical screens or routed to any destination within the MediorNet system and output at alternative locations. The MultiViewer device provides local signal inputs and outputs to offer further connectivity options, such as playing out the virtual MultiViewer screens locally on the device.

Riedel also showed Bolero, a DECT-based wireless intercom system in the license-free 1.9GHz frequency range.

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