Ross Video celebrated a 25th consecutive year of financial growth with the launch of a host of new products at NAB including one that combines three of its current offerings in a single box.

The Graphite includes the capabilities of a Carbonite production switcher, the XPression 3D motion graphics system and the RAVE audio engine within a single 4RU chassis. Two channels of clip server are also included.

Miniaturisation has played a big part in Graphite’s development and sees the Carbonite engine built onto a single removable PCIe card with its own power source and processor.

Chief executive David Ross described it as an “all in one production vehicle.”

Graphite is due to ship in June at a cost of around $24,000 (£19,000)

Also at NAB, Ross Video officially launched, the company’s first cloud-based services.

Available via subscription are a research tool called Inception Discovery plus Inception Social, Inception Live and Inception News. The latter is a newsroom computer systems (NCRS) in the cloud.

All the services are being made available with the same full feature set found in the traditional software versions, including a new MOS gateway designed specifically for the cloud.

Ross Video’s director of product management Shawn Snider said, “This is a ground-breaking approach, especially in the NRCS space. Cloud based solutions will offer customers more flexibility not only in technology, but also in pricing models.”

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