NAB 2016: Ross has formed a non-exclusive technology partnership with Hitachi Kokusai Electric America to explore emerging production technologies.

The first fruits of the tie-up will be shown at NAB, where Hitachi will demonstrate system wide camera setup and control via the Ross DashBoard control system, integrated with Ross robotics camera control systems.

“Much more is in the pipeline,” the company said.

The two companies are also members of the Aspen IP coalition and will have cameras and production switchers on the show floor demonstrating IP connectivity that adheres to the Aspen spec.

“In today’s environment no company can be an island,” said Ross chief executive David Ross. 

“Collaboration with industry peers is essential to not only leverage expertise, but also to drive more quickly to the goal of common shared standards and platforms.

“Our philosophy has always been to work closely with peers and competitors in the best interest of our customers.” addition

Meanwhile, Ross Video has announced that it will incorporate’ research and intelligence tools into Ross’ Inception newsroom content and editorial system.

Ross said the partnership would enable it to provide “a seamless solution for story research”. has been developed as plug-in that will be embedded within Inception’s browser-based user interface. Journalists will now be given the ability to drag and drop content and projects between the two systems.

“Journalists need their workflow to be as simple and seamless as possible, and that is what we are setting out to achieve,” said x news chief executive Andy Pongratz.

Ross Video director of Inception Shawn Snider added: “The research capability of x news will be an important addition for our customers.

“Working with trusted partners like helps us to provide our users with more production power, flexibility, and a better user experience.”