RRsat Europe has signed a deal with sports media and technology company Supponor for the global rollout of its digital billboard replacement system.

The DBRLive system digitally inserts replacement images into different broadcast feeds of a match or event, which allows rights holders and broadcasters to tailor billboards to regional audiences.

RRsat Europe will provide back-end infrastructure including an online digital archive facility.

The West London-based firm will manage the asset database; at the end of each live event, Supponor will provide RRsat Europe with the recorded output for each region. RRsat Europe then ingests and transcodes the recording into the appropriate digital format, making it available via its online digital archive.

Each regional version of the match is stored, allowing Supponor’s brand partners to analyse the exposure they received in a given broadcast or allowing broadcasters in a specific region to replay the event again.

RRsat Europe commercial director Matt Bowman said: “Supponor is a fascinating company to work with as their content seems to be multiplying faster than most would be able to manage.

“By taking this off their hands we are helping them to increase revenues via new stakeholder customers, leaving them to focus on the core elements of their business.”

JCA was rebranded RRsat Europe when it was acquired by RRsat Global Communications Network last month.