Smoke & Mirrors is hoping to speed up the grading process for its film and TV producer clients by adopting a new workflow that makes use of BlackMagic Design’s latest version of the Da Vinci Resolve colour corrector.

The innovation at the Soho visual effects house sees all rushes ingested and made accessible in a digital format, allowing operators to perform non-linear editing and grading at the same time across a number of suites.

At the same time, server capacity has also been upgraded, allowing instant access to all rushes in the final grade without having to go back to telecine.

Head of grading Mark Horrobin said: “The speed of the Resolve rendering combined with the server speed allows almost instant transfer of media from the grading suite to the online.”

Real-time remote grading between its London and New York offices, which uses the Internet to send grading commands rather than actual pictures, is also in the offing.