Molinare has secured a new investor, with Saphir Capital Partners joining the post firm’s existing shareholders Next Wave Partners, British Film Company, chairman Steve Milne and managing director Julie Parmenter.

Milne described the amount Saphir will invest as “substantial”, but said it will be at the lower end of Saphir’s E1m (£850,000) to E10 million (£8.5m) range of investments.

The funds will be used to refit the Soho facility’s audio suites, with the refurbishment work expected to be completed before the end of next month.

Saphir partner George Pennock will join the Molinare board as a non-executive director.

“This is an exciting time in the company’s history,” said Parmenter.

“With opportunities across the TV drama and film markets, especially with the support of the new TV tax credits, the timing of this investment could not be better.”

Molinare’s credits include The Bible, Call The Midwife and The Hour.