Audio kit supplier Scrub has moved into new premises on Wells Street in Fitzrovia, London.

Scrub described the two-floor facility as central London’s largest demo facility dedicated to pro audio.

Kit on show includes an Avid S6 console, AKA Design bespoke studio furniture, and a Genelec immersive audio system.

The Genelec Experience Centre’s 11.1 immersive audio configuration combines seven 8351A SAM studio monitors in left, centre, right, left side, right side, left back and right back positions, one 7370A SAM studio subwoofer and four 8330A SAM studio monitors overhead.

HHB group sales director Steve Angel said: “Thanks to its qualified team of product specialists and support staff, Scrub looks forward to continuing to hold a number of competitive advantages whilst supplying and supporting the latest professional audio technology.”

Scrub is a division of HHB Communications.