SDI routers will be completely replaced by IP routers within five years, according to 42% of respondents to a Quantel and Snell survey.

The survey of 1,000 public and private broadcast and post organisations found 19% believe the shift to IP will occur within two years, while 3% said it would happen “immediately”. Another 27% felt the transition would take 10 years and 9% said SDI will never be completely replaced.

The manufacturer’s survey also found that 60% of respondents felt that 4K would become relevant to their operations “only in the future”, while 4% described it as “not at all” relevant. Just over a third described it as “relevant now”.

Quantel and Snell chief executive Tim Thorsteinson said: “The results of our survey will go a long way towards dispelling the myths and claims around IP and 4K. It clearly shows that broadcasters see these as key future concerns, but for the vast majority, a full-on infrastructure lift-out and replacement with IP and 4K is not going to happen any time soon.”