SeaChange International has introduced a Flash memory-based broadcast server.

The FML200 is an ingest and play-to-air product that has no moving parts. According to the manufacturer the server is 100 times more reliable, and consumes 10 times less power than spinning disk-based counterparts.

The lack of moving parts greatly mitigates failures, rebuilds, replacements and other disk-related threats.

“This represents a seismic shift at the heart of television operations,” said SeaChange vice-
president of broadcast Chris West. “The ultra-reliable, compact and efficient nature of Flash technology means fewer headaches and greater operating efficiencies.”

Flash memory is a type of constantly powered non-volatile memory that can be erased and reprogrammed. It is commonly used in consumer memory cards and USB drives.

SeaChange will demonstrate the Broadcast Flash Memory Library FML200 at NAB.

SeaChange International provides digital video systems and software to broadcasters around the world including Virgin Media, which uses its server technology to provide video-on-demand services.