BVE 2015: Sennheiser’s flagship Digital 9000 Series wireless system will be shown at BVE.

Described by the manufacturer as “the only uncompressed digital wireless system on the market,” it will be demonstrated along with the analogue wireless 2000, 3000 and 5000 Series.

Also on show will be Sennheiser’s new wireless D1 range of digital wireless microphone systems with transmitters and receivers that automatically pair and select suitable transmission frequencies. Sennheiser said that multiple D1 systems can automatically coordinate themselves.

Wired microphones on show will include the MKH 8000 series, MKE 600 shotgun and Neumann broadcast models, as well as the Esfera surround microphone system, which delivers 5.1 surround sound from two mic capsules, which Sennheiser said makes it a perfect tool for sports broadcast.

Studio monitoring highlights will include the Neumann KH 310, KH 120 and KH 410 monitor loudspeakers, HD 26 PRO headphones and HMD Mk II Series broadcast headsets.