Arqiva is providing a dedicated 36MHz transponder to Setanta that will enable the broadcaster to reorganise how it transmits its sports channels and potentially open up capacity for more launches.

Previously, Setanta had a number of individual channels on separate transponders. But by using a dedicated transponder Setanta has the opportunity to manage the dedicated bandwidth to suit the number and type of channels it broadcasts.

The service, offered by Arqiva's Satellite Media Solutions division, comprises content being delivered via a number of fibre sources and a dedicated multiplex capable of uplinking up to eight channels.

The current line-up of channels on the dedicated transponder is: Racing World, Racing UK, Setanta Commercial, NASN, Setanta Island, Liverpool TV and Arsenal TV.

Arqiva Satellite Media Solutions division director of sales John Bozza believes that the dedicated transponder will allow Setanta to be more efficient and change how it broadcasts its services.

He said: “The new deal enables these [channels] to move to a common transponder and new channels to launch. Although currently they run with seven channels plus some fixed bandwidth for interactive services, they could choose to reduce the bandwidth on each channel to create space or increase bandwidth and reduce the net number of channels.”

Uplink of other Setanta channels is split between Arqiva and Globecast, with the latter being responsible for the distribution of six channels on satellite.

A transponder is a satellite component that receives, modulates, amplifies, and rebroadcasts a signal back to Earth on a different frequency.