IBC 2013: Miranda Technologies will introduce its new IP Simulcast Output functionality for iTX at IBC.

The IP Simulcast Output is a mezzanine-encoded IP signal output that sits alongside the standard SDI channel output on the iTX hardware.

The production of the encoded stream within iTX improves playout efficiency because this step traditionally has required an additional downstream encoder, Miranda said.

Miranda’s vice president of workflow and playout Dave Stollery said: “Because the iTX simulcast output – either MPEG-2 or H.264 – leverages the power of an IP infrastructure that is for many already in place, the headaches of dedicated SDI cabling and distribution are sharply reduced.

“By removing an interim step and a potential failure point in the workflow, we create an unobstructed, straight-line route to fast and efficient playout to a multitude of devices.”

In addition to the new IP output, Miranda will also be showcase enhancements to iTX including version 1.1 of iTX Render Service for Adobe After Effects CS6 software.

Also being demonstrated is the iTX Master Control solution

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