Systems integrator Megahertz has upgraded the audio capabilities of SIS Outside Broadcasts' Unit 10 truck.

The enhancements include:

  • A Calrec S2 analogue sound mixer has been replaced with an HD 5.1 surround-sound-capable Sigma digital console with BlueFin processing.

  • Analogue audio cable has been replaced with balanced and unbalanced AES digital audio cabling.

  • Dolby processors and Dynaudio 5.1 audio monitors have been installed.

The 14-metre production trailer was made HD video capable in 2006.

Megahertz managing director Greg Hoskin believes high definition OBs are finally coming of age.

He said: "Megahertz designed and built one of the world's first HD production trailers in 2004, for Kuwait TV, but many broadcasters have continued to build SD only vehicles, and others have commissioned ‘HD-ready' vehicles, with HD infrastructure and SD components that can be easily upgraded later, or undertaken an SD-to-HD conversion in stages, as with Unit 10.

“Now that interim period seems to be coming to an end. Over the past 18 months, we've noticed a sharp rise in the number of entirely high-definition OB vehicles being commissioned, and many of the remaining SD-HD hybrids are steadily being converted.”

As well as supplying and installing all of the new equipment in the sound gallery, Megahertz also manufactured the custom furniture - including equipment racks and a bespoke control desk to accommodate the Calrec mixer - in its in-house woodwork studio.

Megahertz Broadcast Systems Ltd completed the upgrade at the end of April.

SIS Outside Broadcasts was previously known as BBC Outside Broadcasts