Sky has installed two Baselight grading systems at the company’s headquarters in Osterley.

The Baselight Two 4K colour grading systems, each with a Blackboard 2 control surface, were installed last month.

The installation of FilmLight kit also includes a Baselight Assist for finishing and rendering, and two Baselight Conform Mac OS X software seats for content preparation.

Sky has also taken four floating Baselight for Avid licences. 

“We cover the most advanced television content, including commercials and trailers, panel shows and documentaries,” said said Cara Sheppard, post production – senior manager of entertainment and creative operations at Sky.

“The colour toolset and grading capabilities in Baselight are by far the most advanced in the industry. FilmLight has always led the way with advances in Ultra HD and HDR, which is of particular interest to us at the moment.

“And of course Baselight is our clients’ preferred grading system, and indeed is the grading system of choice amongst freelance colourists as well.”

Baselight Two suites will be used for high-profile content, with simpler grading tasks performed using the Baselight for Avid plugin.

The Baselight workflow has already been used to finish panel show A League of Their Own: US Road Trip.