EVS has completed a deal that will see its instant tapeless technology installed at BSkyB’s new Harlequin 1 production facilities in Osterley.

Four HD XT2+ video broadcast servers and four HD XS studio servers - controllable by eight IPDirector suites - will be used by Sky Sports personnel for content management, browsing, clip creation and fast turnaround editing.

EVS will also equip the entire Edit Control Room (ECR) at Sky Sports for new media production and delivery.

The ECR workflow will rely on ten XS servers operated for ingest and play out, and controlled by the IPDirector content management system.

Recorded media, clips and edits will be shared in a central near-line storage system, the

EVS XStoreSAN, which provides 20TB storage capacity, including proxy media.

A total of eighteen EVS Xedio CleanEdit stations will be used for the creation of highlights packages (including graphics) with direct access to the central storage platform.

Director of operations at Sky Sports Darren Long said: “The real benefit of having a new HD tapeless infrastructure covering ingest, edit and playout is that you can maximise the use of content throughout different platforms very quickly and efficiently.” 

The new EVS workflow has been developed to offer optimized integration with third-party tools, such as NRCS, MAM, archiving, automation and graphics.