Sky has confirmed that it will shoot some aspects of the Royal Wedding in 3D, with five 3D rigs positioned outside Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace.

In February, Palace officials ruled out 3D coverage of the wedding service, citing a lack of space in Westminster Abbey.

Instead of filming the ceremony, Sky will shoot a 10-minute film that aims to encapsulate the experience of the crowds gathered on the streets of London.

The broadcaster plans to chart the day from the morning through to the evening, focussing on the processions to and from the Abbey, the arrivals at the Abbey and the kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

John Cassy, director, Sky 3D, said: “Sky 3D’s Royal Wedding film will capture the essence of one of the biggest events ever witnessed on the capital’s streets, as seen through the eyes of members of the public. 

“We’ve always said that 3D lends itself to genuine event TV and we’re delighted to be able to use our 3D leadership to capture for prosperity one of the TV events of our time.”

Two 3D rigs will be located at the Queen Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace, with one looking at the Palace and another trained on the Mall.

Another rig will be positioned at the Crimea Memorial looking towards Westminster Abbey, with a fourth placed outside Canada Gate.

A 3D time-lapse camera will also cover the crowds assembling on the Mall.

A transmission date for the programme has yet to be confirmed.