Snell and Wilcox will take a more multiplatform approach to Broadcast Live and VideoForum while Hamlet will debut its new photo-epilepsy test.

Snell and Wilcox manufacturers a range of leading standards conversion kit.

With this mind, it's a logical step from standards conversion and QC (Quality Control) work to its automated content repurposing workstation iCR, which enables content owners to automatically repurpose and QC content for different platforms.

Precision test equipment specialist Hamlet will demonstrate new products for video, file-based or mixed environments, including its new photo-epilepsy test, built into the automated file analysis tool Reel-Check.

This implements all the standard quality control checks on video, audio and metadata but its latest tweak is a check for material which may trigger epilepsy.

Says Hamlet managing director Steve Nunney: “That's quite unique - now you don't need someone there 24/7 checking stuff. Reel-Check launched at NAB last year but now it's a saleable product.”