Sohonet is to launch its ClearView Flex collaboration tool next month.

The new addition to the company’s Connected Cloud Services suite allows users to stream live video sessions in real-time to multiple parties on mobile devices or a PC without the need for additional software.

ClearView Flex consists of a Sohonet-managed device that connects to an editing station or other real-time video source and a cloud-based secure web application.

It generates a single-view URL which allows viewers to watch an HD video stream.

End-to-end encryption, logging, session burn-ins and attendee management were listed as key features of the service by Sohonet.

Sohonet chief technology officer Ben Roeder (pictured) said: “The challenge for making remote collaboration really useful is to eliminate the lag between what the viewer in the room sees and what the remote collaborator gets in a stream.

“We’ve created a system that adds only two frames (about eight milliseconds) of delay, whilst maintaining the kind of session security that our studio customers require.”