Sony is boosting its Super 35mm camera range as it looks to increase its share of the cost-conscious end of the ‘film-look’ market.

The PMW-F3, first previewed at this year’s IBC show, has a Super 35mm CMOS sensor and PL Mount, and is expected to compete with video-capable DSLRs and Panasonic’s new AF101 micro four-thirds camcorder.

It is also being touted as a second-unit 35mm camera or a B camera for the SRW-9000PL “This is a natural evolution from the F35 and the SRW9000 to a more cost-conscious area,” Bill Drummond, strategic marketing manager at Sony Professional Europe, told Broadcast.

“This sensor is designed for motion picture images, whereas DSLRs are for stills. This meets the requirements of cinematographers and, because of the range of workflows available, it will appeal to users across the film world.

“We’ve been looking at the high end with F35 but we believe the Super 35mm sensor is what the industry has been waiting for.”

Danny Dawson, hire manager at broadcast rental firm Alias Smith and Singh, said the specifications of the PMW-F3 would pit it directly against the AF101. “Both Sony and Panasonic were blindsided by the rise of DSLRs, with Canon’s 5D and 7D famous for their shallow depth of field, but they lack in other areas, like audio,” he said.