NAB 2015: Sony has launched the HDC-4300, a three 2/3-inch sensor 4K camera for sports and live events.

The B4-mount lens device has the same control surfaces as Sony’s HDC-2000 camera and is compatible with the HDLA-1500 lens adapter.

“This camera provides 4K capabilities and a workflow that content producers are instantly familiar with,” said Norbert Paquet, strategic marketing manager, Sony Professional Europe.

“We’ve developed the HDC Series as a flexible platform for our customers to maximise their return on investment on multiple applications.

“The HDC-4300 is multi-format for daily HD applications, sports on the weekends with up to 400fps, and futureproof with 4K acquisition.”

The camera supports ITU-R BT.2020 standard for a wider colour space.

A software licence, which is sold separately, is required to use the 4K capabilities of the camera. The software is available weekly, monthly or permanent.

It enables the camera system to 1920 x 1080 at frame rates up to 479.52/400fps, as well as 59.94/50, 119.88/100, and 179.82/150fps.

The HDC-4300 is expected to be available by summer.