Sony is to introduce an “affordable 35mm camera” as it looks to move in on the market currently dominated by Red Digital Cinema’s Red One.

A demonstration of an R&D prototype was shown at IBC.

Details were thin on the ground but Sony did reveal that once completed the new shooter will offer a shallow depth of field, PL mount and cost less than the Arri Alexa.

The development is part of Sony’s goal of establishing a 35mm line-up to cover applications from high budget to lower budget production. The range currently includes the F35 (pictured) and the SRW-9000PL.

At the same time, Sony has upgraded the F35 so that it includes an ISO 800 Hyper Gamma and S-Log 800EI setting for low light conditions.

Olivier Bovis, the head of AV media business at Sony said: “The demand from the industry to produce content with the “cinema look” continues to grow as producers and networks strive to differentiate from competitors and explore new creative possibilities.

“Working with a Super 35mm size sensor is more and more popular, not just in the high-end feature film market, but for prime-time drama, pop videos and in budget movie productions too. We believe in bringing choice to users by offering them endless creative options.”