NAB 2014: Sony has unveiled the A7S, a compact camera that can output 4K.

The camera can output 4K via HDMI to an external recorder and has an ISO sensitivity setting from 50 to 409600.

Monitor/recorder company Atomos has developed the Shogun, a new recorder/monitor to capture 4K footage from the Sony device.

Sony said professional video functions include XAVC S HD recording at 50Mbps, time code and optional XLR audio inputs.

In APS-C crop mode, the A7S supports high frame rate shooting at 120fps or 100fps with HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels).

The 120fps footage can be played back at 24p for a 5x slow-motion effect

Worldwide leader of Sony’s imaging business Shigeki Ishizuka (pictured with the A7S) said the camera would be available in the summer.