The Rugby World Cup 2019 has teamed up with ‘Virtual Sportscasting Studio’ Spalk to provide rugby fans around the world with the choice of German, Spanish and Japanese live commentaries for every match.

A total of 20+ commentators in 15 countries will be commentating from Spalk’s Virtual Studio across the six-week tournament. They have been sourced from Spalk’s Talent Marketplace, which is made up of 2,500 commentary professionals spanning 50 languages.

Commentaries are captured remotely into Spalk’s cloud-based virtual studio, so the commentators don’t have to travel to Japan. This saves World Rugby travel costs and “lowers the marginal cost of adding additional languages to reach new audiences,” says Spalk founder Ben Reynolds.

The commentaries, which are in addition to the standard English-language commentary, are available to fans during each live game from the Match Center on World Rugby’s website and mobile apps. When you click ‘Listen Live’ it opens up the four language options via the World Rugby TuneIn Player.