Video visors and contact lenses will enhance everyday life into a three dimensional wrap-around experience, predict Oracle and The Future Laboratory.

In a joint report into future media consumption Capitalising on the Digital Age a panel of experts including BBC Radio 1 Interactive’s Hugh Garry highlighted the impact of digitally augmented reality, contextual branding and emotional engagement on media and telecoms firms’ business models.

They assessed the assessed the growing influence of ‘freemium’ services, the increasing professionalism of the creative consumer and the semantic search of film and video to build a picture of consumers’ media consumption in the next five to ten years.

Among the phenomena they predict were Supertising, whereby multi-screens allow different members of a household to watch diverse content and targeting advertising at the same times; and Recommendation culture in which instead of tuning into a particular TV channel there will be a service that allows viewer to navigate the plethora of choice, recommending what they would want to consume.

Video visors and ultimately contact lenses, the report adds, will enhance everyday life into a three-dimensional, wrap-around immersive experience.

Gordon Rawling, EMEA senior marketing director for Oracle Communications, said, “The media industry is having to grapple with numerous challenges presented by the public’s digital lifestyles. Falling ad revenues are exacerbating the urgency of dealing with questions such as how to capitalise on new technologies, engage new audiences and encourage consumers to pay for digital content.”