London post house Suite has installed an Eyeheight legaliser in an HD suite at its Newman Street facility.

The dual-role legalEyesMDi multi-definition legaliser comes with an integral safe-area (cage) generator.

Both functions are performed within a one unit chassis mounted beneath an existing Eyeheight SD legaliser/SAG.

Suite is an HD/SD editing house operating predominantly with Avid equipment. It does most of its work for UK broadcasters. The legaliser will be added to Edit Suite 9.

Suite chief engineer Jim Merrett explained how the new piece of kit works. He said: “The legaliser checks and, if necessary, corrects the output from an Avid Symphony Nitris HD prior to copying to tape.

“The Eyeheight safe area generator is connected into the feed to the picture monitor and is used to ensure title graphics are fully legal when 16:9 originals are viewed on 4:3 displays or vice versa. It is very convenient to have both functions in a single compact unit."

Eyeheight's legalEyesMDi accepts 1080i and 720p HD as well as 625i PAL and 525i NTSC SD.

It automatically senses and adapts to the incoming signal format and enables television producers and video editors to keep the level of their content within the strict tolerances required for HD and SD transmission and DVD mastering.

Suite has a total of 16 online and offline edit suites built around a 16 terabyte Avid ISIS shared storage network for collaborative working on large projects.

Eyeheight produces a wide range of serial digital video and digital audio equipment for use in transmission, digital edit suites, telecine, graphics, studios, dubbing and associated areas.