Broadcasters, production firms and facilities companies appear reluctant to invest in 3D technology, according to the results of Broadcast’s Technology Survey 2011.

Of the playout, production and post production firms who took part in the survey, 31% said they are “waiting to see what happens with 3D”.

And 26% said they are “not going to get involved” in stereoscopic technology.

Only 6% said they plan to make a move into 3D, while the same proportion described their approach to 3D as “leading the way”.

Despite a drop in 3D revenues at the cinema, the world of broadcast 3D has received some major boosts over the past few months with the BBC opting to show a handful of Wimbledon tennis matches in 3D. Yesterday it was announced that 200 hours of the London Olympics would be shot in 3D.

170 people took part in the online survey for Broadcast magazine. 67% of respondents said they are involved in the buying process. Within this, 38% said they are responsible for making the final purchasing decision, while 23% said that they influence the final decision.

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