Sweden’s TV4 is using ChyronHego to drive the newsroom and graphics workflow in its new studio.

The new studio will be used for all of TV4’s sports and newscasts and for the channel’s morning show.

TV4 has employed ChyronHego’s BlueNet graphics creation and playout solution for the newsroom workflow, with the Camio graphic asset management application as the back end for the whole system.

The workflow drives all the screens and graphics playout for up to eight graphics channels.

Camio is connected to TV4’s AP ENPS news production system.

Operators use ENPS to build rundowns, and graphics are populated from the Camio ecosystem.

ChyronHego’s GS2 real-time graphics engine software then drives the graphics playout to the screens.

The new studio also features a 10x3 meter, 6144x1536 pixel video wall, which the ChyronHego solution runs natively.

The studio also features three large screens that can work independently or be configured to form a single, wide canvas.

The ChyronHego solution can accommodate any of the configurations, treating the three separate screens as a single display when necessary.

“Only a handful of people run the productions, so we rely heavily on automation,” said Sjöfn Blöndal, project manager at TV4.

“Finding a graphics solution that could handle that combination of factors without adding undue complexity was one of our biggest challenges.”