Transcription provider Take 1 is to launch a new internet-based service that enables producers to locate and audition promising sound bites before going into an offline edit.

‘i-search’ will use a web browser to display a time-coded transcript alongside a flash video stream of the corresponding rushes roll, linked together by timecode.

According to Take 1: “Users will click a word or timecode in the transcript, and the video snaps to that point allowing producers and directors to try a sound bite for size before going into the edit.”

The company is also expanding into the US, by utilising FTP upload sites, and adding new tapeless formats to its transcription options.

Panasonic P2 and XDCam proxy files are both being accepted.

Managing director Dom Bourne said: “We have noticed increasing numbers of bewildered clients calling us for help with a folder full of files, and not sure what to do. P2 and XDCam proxy files can be uploaded to us via FTP from anywhere in the world for immediate transcription, and we can extract timecode from the XML metadata.”

Take1 specialises in time-coded transcripts, post-production scripts and translations. It provides its services to a host of production companies, distributors and broadcasters including BBC, ITV, TalkbackThames, Endemol, Fremantle and Discovery