Under-19 and under-16 leagues will be produced and streamed by Pixellot

Pixellot Israeli Football Association

Pixellot has agreed a deal with the Israeli football association to produce and distribute its under-19s second division and under-16s elite league.

The company will use its AI-powered automated production system to capture games in 32 stadiums, and will then distribute them through an OTT platform - with added analytics. The OTT service pairs with the IFA’s recently launched mobile app. The entire workflow is auutomated, from camera to streaming. 

The IFA is the most recent football association to work with Pixellot, which is based in Israel, with the Portuguese FA among those to do the same.

Niv Goldstein, CEO of the Israel Football Association, said: “Delighted by the partnership with Pixellot, we are set to usher our first two youth football leagues into the AI era. This collaboration will not only transform the way we stream and analyze matches but also elevate the coaching and development of our athletes. With Pixellot’s technology, we are well-equipped to maintain our momentum in youth football and continue to nurture talent on a national scale.”

Alon Weber, CEO of Pixellot, added: “We are thrilled to expand our partnership with the Israeli Football Association. Our AI-automated solutions are designed to bring out the best in athletes, teams, and leagues and creating this revolution on our home turf is an invaluable benefit for our team. The Israel Football Association’s forward-thinking approach aligns perfectly with our mission, and we’re excited to empower them with our technology.”