New feature can detect players on camera and attach a graphic to them

IPL cricket Quidich(1)

Quidich has unveiled StiQy, a graphics solution that can detect a player on camera and attach a graphic to them as they move across the frame.

In addition, it is also fully integrated with live match data, which means that fans and commentators can get real-time insights and updates on player movements, stats, and more.

It is currently in use at the IPL, where Quidich has also supplied content such as an AR eagle to augment the 2022 final’s coverage

Quidich IPL cricket

Quidich co-founder Gaurav Mehta said: “Stiqy is Quidich’s proprietary AR tracking solution, that offers broadcasters a fresh perspective to visualize various data points, live. The technology combines our AR and player tracking engines, to deliver real-time, tracked graphics on any existing broadcast camera.

IPL cricket Quidich

“We believe that Stiqy will enable viewers to have a deeper, more visual understanding of key tactical decisions such as team formations and field placements, along with insightful player analytics.”

The IPL is being jointly shown by Sky Sports and DAZN in the UK, after the pair agreed a deal last month. ITV had been strongly linked with an agreement to take the competition back to free-to-air by sharing coverage with DAZN, but missed out.