New graphics will include audience engagement tools

World Archery Dizplai

World Archery has turned to Dizplai to deliver new graphics for all of its competitions.

In partnership with World Archery’s production partner, QTV, Dizplai’s graphics will include real-time scoring and competition data for the main broadcast, direct audience participation via social media and World Archery’s own platforms, as well as new interactive alternate streams / watchalongs with archery experts. They are designed to work across 16:9 linear broadcast, as well as social formats.

Dizplai also recently provided graphics for the The Hundred’s live draft, and the company, the ECB, and Little Dot spoke about what went into that production with the Broadcast Sport Podcast here.

World Archery Dizplai 1

“We are very excited to launch a new set of dynamic graphics and engagement features with Dizplai,” says Tom Dielen, secretary general of World Archery. “Archery fans are very passionate about the sport, and love every opportunity to get involved and share their opinions. Dizplai were the innovation option for us and we are delighted to have them as our partner.”

“We are very proud to be helping World Archery reinvent live coverage of the sport for archery fans,” says Ed Abis, CEO of Dizplai. “Across all sports, we are seeing huge demand for what we call ‘active content’, where fans’ opinions and passion are reflected on screens, driving the editorial narrative of the content. We look forward to innovating with World Archery in the years ahead.”