Insights into the creative sector’s use of AI from a series of polls at the AI Creative Summit UK, held at BFI Southbank on 16 November

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Broadcast Tech teamed up with sister brands Broadcast, Screen International and The Media Production & Technology Show to host the sold-out AI Creative Summit event yesterday (Thursday 16 November) at the BFI Southbank, London.

The event saw 300 attendees listen and engage in a series of panel discussions looking at the acceleration in the use of Artificial Intelligence across the media and entertainment industries.

Each of the sessions examined the practical applications already being deployed by businesses today.

Audience participation was encouraged throughout the event, with a total of 226 questions being asked by audience members to the panellists (via slido) across the day.

We also used slido to run a series of polls to provide insight into how many attendees are currently using AI services on a regular basis; the impact of AI on the creative sector; and whether AI is being overhyped at the moment.

More than 450 votes were cast in total in these polls. 43% of those taking part described themselves as working in creative rolls, 30% said they were in management rolls and 17% described themselves as working in technical roles.

The AI Creative Summit UK Polls

Poll 1: What is the situation with your business and productions (Total votes: 57)

  • Not using AI and no plans to at the moment - 2 votes
  • Not using AI but plan to start using in next 12 months - 14 votes
  • Already using AI in some form of workflow or production - 41 votes

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Poll 2: Do you think over the next five years AI will… (Total votes: 67)

  • Change your job - 59 votes
  • Replace your job - 0 votes
  • Not impact your job at all - 8 votes

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Poll 3: AI’s impact on the creative sector will be… (Total votes: 50)

  • Positive and have a beneficial impact over time - 32 votes
  • Damaging and have a negative impact over time - 5 votes
  • Unsure about impact - 13 votes

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Poll 4: Do you think Generative AI is the biggest game changer for AI to date? (Total votes: 72)

  • Yes - 52 votes
  • Maybe - 18 votes
  • No - 2 votes

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 Poll 5: How often do you use ChatGPT? (Total votes: 55)

  • Daily - 8 votes
  • Weekly - 25 votes
  • Monthly - 17 votes
  • Never used - 5 votes

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 Poll 5: Is AI being overhyped right now? (Total votes: 82)

  • Yes - 12 votes
  • No - 57 votes
  • Unsure - 13 votes

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