Its first VP facility is at Timeline Television’s Ealing Broadcast Centre, which enables eight tracked cameras to shoot from different viewpoints in real-time


Moov has launched a virtual production division called MVXR, which will focus on both VP and emerging technologies that “lift barriers for all types of content creators”.

The expansion into virtual production builds on the company’s 25 years of experience in live broadcast, including several high-profile virtual studio projects.

The first installation of MVXR has been implemented at Timeline Television’s 3,500 sq ft studio at Ealing Broadcast Centre. This facility has been installed in partnership with Trisplay and includes GhostFrame to enable up to eight tracked cameras to shoot from different viewpoints in real-time.

The studio has a Roe Black Pearle V2 screen with Helios processing, along with Mo-sys tracking and a range of rendering capabilities based on Unreal Engine 5.

Nev Appleton, director and co-founder of Moov, said: “Most days of the week we are generally live with Virtual Studio or AR projects that use a combination of green screen and set extension techniques. Our continued investment in technology and ongoing commitment in growing skills, enables us to navigate technology issues and focus on being creative, but also being able to work to different levels of production and budget. MVXR will now add virtual production and XR into the mix, and along with GhostFrame we are super excited.”