The bulk of the West 1 editing team has quit to set up a new facility called Suite, writes Barbara Marshall
Twelve staff, including senior editors Jon Blow, Richard Halladay and Nigel Williams, have quit over the past month to join the new editing facility which is backed by Component owners Jeff Firth and Julian Aston.West 1 sales manager Shelley Fox is managing director. Based in London's Newman Street, adjacent to Component, the all-Avid facility takes up four floors and includes six offline and two Symphony suites.Although the facility only opened two weeks ago, credits include The Office, Believe Nothing, Swiss Tony and Full Metal Challenge.West 1 was bought by US facilities giant Four Media Company (4MC) two years ago (Broadcast, 12.5.00) but after relinquishing its Bateman Street premises, it merged with 4MC in Wardour Street. Blow said the team had been thinking about setting up their own facility for some time as they felt the merged entity was 'too big'. The deal was struck with Component, which owns Suite's building, four months ago.