Canadian character animation expert Kaydara has released an enhanced version of its real-time 3D character animation software FilmBox Animation and changed the product's name to MotionBuilder 4, writes Barbara Marshall
Kaydara Europe general manager Andrew Johnston said this was more than just a name change: 'We have added functionality that puts the software more in to the mainstream of 3D character animation, moving it away from just being associated with motion capture.'The firm claims the $3,495 (£2,396) package is the only real-time character animation software on the market. Running on Windows NT/2000, Apple OS X and Red Hat Linux, it shares some of the functionality of FilmBox Online, the live-to-air system Kaydara launched earlier this year. Aimed at broadcasters rather than games and long-form producers, FilmBox Online is based on a super-PC from Boxx Technologies specifically designed to handle professional video and audio material. The system integrates character animation, live motion capture, camera tracking and real-time audio and video input/output in a single environment.Kaydara, whose software is used to generate Cartoon Network's Johnny Bravo, is holding a Motion Capture demo day next Wednesday (29 May) at Sound in Leicester Square.