Classic FM-owner GWR Group is working with Orange to develop a digital audio broadcast link using mobile telephones, writes Barbara Marshall
'For the news reporter and live outside broadcasts (OB), the holy grail has been an OB truck in a suitcase,' said GWR technology manager Ian Anderson.'By using Orange's infrastructure and its high-speed data link, we can fit in a small briefcase a mobile handset, microphone and a small box of tricks that will allow the journalist to deliver reports from anywhere where there is an Orange signal,' he added.The technology is currently being 'fine-tuned' but, according to Anderson, it offers a much higher standard than a normal telephone link with the advantage of being highly portable and much cheaper than a traditional radio OB.Although there are other companies experimenting with similar technology, Anderson said Orange is the only telecoms company in the UK to have a high-speed data link. 'GWR has always pushed the boundaries of technology.'