Explore Broadcast’s in-depth survey on key technology trends over the past 12 months.

With IBC fast approaching, we thought it would be useful to get some feedback on key industry technology trends and purchasing behaviours over the past year.

Who is spending what, and how much? What have been the priorities in terms of kit spend this year? And what kinds of services are being sought?

After taking in the views of senior technology users and buyers, the following pages paint a picture of an industry in the midst of a (sometimes painful) workflow transition from tape to file-based formats.

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Almost 200 people took part in the survey. While we were not able to focus on every type of company, to get a clearer idea of trends, we have broken the results analysis into four categories over the following pages.

These are: the overall results; broadcasters and in-house facilities; production companies; and independent facilities, studios and outside broadcast companies.

Where appropriate, we have also contacted manufacturers, playout facilities, resellers and others who may fall outside of the above categories, to give us their take on clients’ buying trends and technology requests.

Technology Survey: Who took part?

More than 170 people took part in our survey, with senior executives comprising the majority.

Managing directors account for 19% of respondents, with divisional and departmental heads representing a further 16%.

Senior and middle management make up another 34%, and there is a smattering of responses from freelancers (7%).

When it comes to making decisions, 67% of our respondents are involved in the buying process. Within this, 38% are responsible for making the final decision, while 23% influence the final decision.

Production companies are the biggest single group of respondents (26%), followed by broadcasters and in-house facilities (20%) and postproduction companies (12%).

Other respondents refl ect the diverse range of service providers that make up the broadcast TV technology industry, with every thing from OB firms, systems integrators, hire companies, playout facilities, programme distributors and training providers having their say.

Geographically, our average respondent is based in London or Greater London (51%).

Companies of 10 employees or fewer account for 22% of respondents, companies of between 11 and 50 employees account for 24%, while 21% of respondents’ work for companies employing more than 1,000.

There are no technology sceptics among the respondents, with the majority (36%) describing themselves as ‘technology enthusiasts ahead of the curve’.

A cautious 28% describe their companies as taking a ‘pragmatic approach to new technology’, and another 9% say they adopt a conservative approach, buying new technology only when there is huge demand.

The remaining 21% of respondents claim to be ‘early adopters’, taking on technology as soon as it becomes available.