NAB 2015: Tedial has released an updated version of its Tedial Evolution asset management platform.

New features include advanced search and indexing tools, new services to explore archives and improved integration between archive and workflow engines.

A new HTML5 user interface keeps frequently used tools on the screen, while smartphone and tablets across multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows can be used to manage tasks, validate media or monitor workflows status.

The interface is customisable for individual preferences or work assignments, including different metadata views and screen configurations, with an integrated activity monitor and unified view of archives, workflows and business processes.

For live events the new interface features a configurable logging board with shortcuts for actions and actors.

The Tarsys search and indexing engine has been extended to organise and search collections and other object related entities and index large databases via shared indexes and to automatically tag descriptive metadata based on scoring of texts using stop words.

The system now autocompletes words and generates suggestions for every entry as it is typed.

A new set of tools provides a service to manage group entities.

An expanded Tarsys Mediaset function means that all information related to an asset can be explored from the Mediaset view including metadata, media files, attached documents, processing or delivery orders.

Tedial general manager US operations Jay Batista said: “Evolution provides a business platform that marries logistics planning and media preparation into a complete supply chain, enabling customers to grow their businesses even as the business of media consumption evolves at an unprecedented speed.”