Low-budget comedy pilot That Band gained a new lease of life last week when former Coronation Street star Bruce Jones talked about it with the tabloid press.

A trailer, a music video and a clip have surfaced on YouTube, but So Television head Graham Stuart says making it viral was never the original plan.

Some time ago, Gina Lyons, a development producer that Stuart describes as “worth at least 20 Oxbridge graduates”, tinkered away at a half-hour pilot, working from Star Stories creator Lee Hupfield’s script about a priapic boyband and bringing in soap stars such as Jones, who played Les Battersby.

“I’m always keen for people to do stuff like this, even if it doesn’t get commissioned, as it’s all about the learning process, but I couldn’t believe what she did with a tiny budget that barely stretched to four figures,” says Stuart.

The show has sat on the shelf for a while but he’s intrigued to see if the media interest has given it a new lease of life and is toying with putting the full pilot online.

Meanwhile, Hupfield is talking to Phil McIntyre Entertainment for a potential co-production with So.

Producer Gina Lyons
Writer Lee Hupfield
Production company So Television