Reseller Root6 has taken the first UK orders for Avid DS version 10, the iteration of the high-end finishing system that launched last week.

Soho facility The Farm will be one of the first customers worldwide to receive the system when it arrives in mid September.

The Farm has purchased DS v10 as part of a multi-million pound refurbishment of its Soho Square operation.

The latest incarnation of Avid's DS editing and finishing system includes Symphony-style secondary colour correction and does away with the need for a Nitris accelerator box.

Version 10 uses the processing power of the host computer and the GPU in the video card rather than proprietary hardware.

It also provides real-time Symphony-style secondary colour correction, real-time up-conversion from SD to HD and support for stereoscopic 3D images.

A turnkey Avid DS v10 system including workstation, monitor, storage and software will cost around£37,000.