The Foundry has launched its shot management, conform and VFX software Hiero.

Described as “a pipeline in a box”, the software has been designed to aid collaborative working on fast turnaround VFX projects.

The Foundry said it will allow production facilities to efficiently conform, review and export shots to visual effects artists and finishing systems.

The Foundry’s head of product design Matt Plec said: “[Foundry software] Nuke is already a powerful compositing tool, but it’s missing a component many artists need.

“Hiero provides this missing link functionality currently dealt with either by expensive tools, in-house scripting or a cumbersome manual process. Hiero’s the bridge tool our customers have been asking us for.”

Hiero creates a file structure based on rules set by users as they conform and parcel out VFX shots to multiple Nuke artists, allowing VFX supervisors to review shot progress in the context of the edit.

The software was first unveiled in September last year.