VFX software firm the Foundry has launched an open beta of a digital cinema camera workflow for footage shot on RED cameras.

Designed to address the needs of digital camera acquisition and metadata-rich productions, the Foundry said that STORM will help camera operators, digital imaging technicians, cinematographers and directors review their RED footage for content, editorial and visual intent.

Richard Shackleton, head of product development at The Foundry, said the open beta phase would provide an opportunity to glean feedback and make sure the software “delivers a flexible, efficient digital workflow”.

Those using the software can pass selections to Final Cut Pro as QuickTime files and FCP timelines can be conformed to the original RED material.

The beta version of the software, which is free to download until 1 February when the full product release is due, requires a MacBook Pro or Mac Pro with at least 2GB RAM running OSX 10.6.4 or later.